Specialist Plastering in Dover, Kent

Goddard and Sons are specialists in plastering. We serve the Dover, Folkestone and south east Kent area.

If your looking for a plasterer in Dover that specialises in many different decorative plastering techniques then get in contact with us today. We are also Builders in Dover.

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Plasterer in Dover, Folkestone, Canterbury and the rest of Kent

Goddard Builders provide an excellent service to the local area, we are trained in all the latest plastering techniques and offer a variety of plastering finishes to suit all kinds of projects.

If you are looking for a plasterer in Dover the find out more today and receive a free quote.

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Fine Art Plastering

Why choose traditional plastering when you can have beautiful and elegant walls?

At Goddards & Sons we specialise in Fine art plastering. We're also handy if your looking for a builder in Dover.

See the difference.

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Venetian Plastering

With exquisite quality and beautifully finished plastering its easy to see why Venetian plastering in Kent is taking off.

Available in a variety of colours with lots of different finishes bring a little bit of Italy into your home.

Locate your Dover plasterer today.

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Welcome to Fine Art Plastering

This website aims to bring to you information relating to fine art plastering and also providing you a link to a plasterer in Dover so that you can benefit from an increasingly popular specialist plaster finish.Goddard & Sons - Builder in Dover, Plasterer in Dover and serving the whole of Kent

What is fine art plastering?

It is a collective term used to describe artistic, colourful and individual plaster finishes.

In the UK Venetian plaster may also be referred to as polished plaster or marble plaster although the range of different finishes and the choice of colours available gives you a vast selection of textures and finishes way beyond a traditional plaster finish.

Interior and exterior surfaces can be transformed with skilled application and coordinated design for a long lasting, extremely durable and beautiful surface.

Where does Venetian plaster come from?

In short Italy where the history of this of plaster can be traced back to ancient times and there are many fine examples found around the world using these lime puttys and natural finishes.

What are the benefits of using Venetian plaster?

  • The plasters are made of slaked lime, fine marble powders and natural oils.
  • Venetian polished plasters or lime based finishes have many eco benefits.
  • These natural lime based finishes are extremely breathable and regulate humidity and help to create a healthy living environment.
  • Venetian plastering creates a hard wearing stone surface for interiors or exteriors unlimited colour range with computerised colour matching
  • Can be used in showers and wet rooms
  • Also they can incorporate different textures and a variety of stencil designs
  • These textured, smooth or translucent surfaces can be as individual as you are, reflecting light and colour and transforming interior or exteriors as far as you can imagine.
  • We provide a full application service through our network of approved applicators.


If your looking for a builder in Dover that has the skills to carry out these beautiful fine art plastering then get in touch today.

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Contact us today to discuss your needs we would be happy to provide you with a quote and we would love to hear from you


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